Website & App Development

Concept Development to Website Architecture

Our Approach

A Website/ App developed the right way helps you implement data framework and SEO changes quickly. Through our Agile methodology we make sure that your web or app property always has room for extra development with change in technology and online consumer behavior.

Overall, we take an data & design focused approach in making your online property compatible with all the framework (SEO, Analytics, Paid Marketing) specific to your industry-niche.

Data Ready

Data is Future. To make any data-driven decision for your business, your online property should support you. Our web-dev methodology is not just use-case friendly but data-friendly as well so that you do not have hard time altering your website to make it data-friendly.

Agile Methodology

Launching an online property is only half the story. Rest of the story lies in continuously evolving your website. Agile methodology helps you make changes based on interactions & iterations. It's futuristic and changes as the market & user behavior changes


Making your new website reach your target audience is the first thing you want to do. If it's not SEO-friendly & responsive, chances are very minimal of reach. We make sure from the beginning that you are discover-able and usable.

Web Development Overview

  • Data Framework Ready
  • Responsive, User & SEO Friendly
  • Agile methodology with a room for futuristic ideas
  • Maintenance¬†

Languages & Platforms

Why Topimize?

We follow Agile methodology to make sure that your online property is not just user-friendly but also, data, mobile and search-engine friendly. The result? Ease of SEO implementation, data integrity, higher engagement & usability resulting in higher conversions while saving you money.


Find our what platform & technology best suit your business