Search Engine Optimization

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Our Approach

Beginning with our SEO audit checklist, you'll understand how your website and online presence ranks on search engines and how you can improve to that coveted top spot of (Google) search results. The closer you are to #1, the more traffic you'll see leading to more conversions.

With a quantitative approach taken to competitor analysis to keyword development to on-page technical recommendations, explore the impact of having a cohesive content strategy that drives organic traffic and how can grows your business.

Data-Driven SEO

We are a big believer of data-driven marketing. In fact, our expertise relies on data mapping, visualization, audience and behavioural analysis to make the organic & content marketing efforts a success.

Integrated SEO

Our SEO and content strategy covers it all: from website UI/UX to technical solutions, from on-page SEO to content marketing ideas, from a funnel-based approach to an integrated approach on all platforms, we got you covered.

Stay Ahead SEO

We keep ourselves informed with the latest news of search engine algorithms. We also keep an eye on your competitive landscape so that your business never misses out on any new trends, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Service Overview

  • SEO Audit, Advisory & Data Shell Setup
  • Competitive Market Research
  • On-Page & Off-Page Content Strategy¬†
  • Measurable Insights
  • Performance Reporting

Tools & Platforms Expertise

Why Topimize?

We take a 360-degree approach to building dynamic digital marketing strategies that execute with scripting and intelligent optimizations. The result? Increased rates of conversions while saving you money. 


Find out how digital marketing can generate more revenue and grow your business!