Paid Media Marketing

Bringing Quality Conversions at the Lowest Cost

Our Approach

We can manage your digital advertising and bring in a ton of traffic, but that's only a small piece of the puzzle. Traffic and clicks alone does not guarantee qualified leads. To find those who are already searching for businesses like yours, you want a professional who can utilize your budgets wisely, target the right type of audience, and monitor the keywords that help bring these leads to your business.

That's why, through our paid media marketing services, we take an integrated, data-driven approach to digital marketing across all paid channels. This allows us to manage digital campaigns effectively through scripting and intelligent optimizations, resulting in the best value for your business.

Integrated Strategy

Our integrated strategy covers all possible internet touch-points that are necessary for your business. It helps in remarketing, audience building, and tracking user behaviour. This 360-degree strategy forms the anchor point for your digital marketing plan.


All data passes through a performance measurement framework from various sources (be it search, social, or display) to find the right mix for your business. We make sure that our paid efforts are always backed up by data-driven insights.


Our team's approach to digital marketing from all angles includes brainstorming ideas with you, turning those ideas into actions, and finally we optimize campaigns by measuring the impact. At the end of the day, we only succeed if you succeed.

Paid Media Services Overview

  • Account Audit & Data Framework Setup
  • Market Research & Paid Media Strategy
  • Implementation, Execution & Optimization
  • Pivots & Insights
  • Performance Reporting

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Why Topimize?

We take a 360-degree approach to building dynamic digital marketing strategies that execute with scripting and intelligent optimizations. The result? Increased rates of conversions while saving you money. 


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