Analytics & Tag Management Services

Data-Driven Approach to Integrated Analytics Across Platforms

Our Approach

Data Analytics has immense potential in validating your marketing assumptions based on analytical insights. We believe in an integrated approach across platforms in data mapping and visualization to keep things on the same page.

Web Tag Management

Our Analytical approach starts with tag management and customization of Analytics so that we get the right data to make the right decisions for your business. In short, we have no limit in terms of tracking solutions.

Integrated Analytics

We take an integrated look at what data is saying about your business. Different platforms have different attribution models which might give you different results. We make sure that we are measuring data the right way by a common yardstick.

Customized Reporting

We provide customized reporting dashboards as per your requirements, measuring the right metrics in the right way. Our reporting typically includes segments, event tracking, E-commerce, audience behaviour, and much more.

Analytics Services

  • Account Audit & Tag Mapping
  • Set Up & Configuration
  • Analytics Customization
  • Strategy-Specific Deployments
  • Data-Driven Decisions & Reporting

Tools We Use


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